Redneck Plunger
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Redneck Plunger


The Ultimate Gag Gift

Top Ten Reason You Need A Redneck Plunger

10. Your Crap Stuck in the Trap
 9. Your Brown Won’t Go Down
 8. Ultimate Weapon Of “GAS” Destruction 
 7. If Your Stink Won’t Sink
 6. You Gotta Turd Stuck In The Herd
 5. Your Poo Won’t Go Through
 4. Your Caboose Let Too Much Loose
 3. Your Stool Won’t Leave The Pool
 2. You Dropped a Deuce & It Wont’ Break Loose
 1. Your Lincoln Log Made A Stinkin’ Clog

Ages 14+

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Product Description

Cletus Stankton is the proud inventor of the Redneck Plunger, a true innovation for the plumbing industry! Not only does the Redneck Plunger plunge, it also makes shotgun sounds and stands upright just like a normal plunger!


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